New to nails?

We're here to help!

Whether you're a Nail Tech or a home user, we're here to support you on your nail journey.

After many years in this industry, I can testify that you never stop learning!

Back in 2016, when I first started dipping I was frustrated by the lack of support, education and the over- complication of the process.

I made it my mission to create a system that is easy to use, while giving you the results you want - longer, stronger nails!

How does it work?

The Ezi Nails dip powder system starts with your Gel Base - a low viscosity resin with super staying power.

The Gel Base is brushed onto the nail and dipped in to the Ezi Nails dip powder colour. Once dry, it forms a strong protective coating allowing your nails to grow underneath.

No drills or uv light required!

Choose your Dip Powder kit here to get started!


nail dipping system