Our mission is to bring the highest quality, professional grade products to salons and consumers. We provide the tools, education and support to create beautiful, durable nails.

Want glitter? We've got you covered!

More a nude kinda person? We've got that too!

Our dip powders are our own exclusive formulation, created with simplicity and strength in mind.

Nails don't have to be complicated, and we give you the know how as well as the products to create beautiful salon nails following our simple step by step system.

For that extra bling, our nail art range makes it super easy to create gorgeous accents using foils, glitter, striping, marbleing and more.

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If you prefer to just sit back and get your nails done book an appointment at our Melbourne salon:

Retreat Nail and Beauty Lounge

153 Eley Road, Blackburn South.

Ph 03 88388341

We are a full service salon offering hairdressing, beauty and nail services as well as training to learn new techniques and perfect your art.



Our exclusive dip powder system is an easy to use system that gives you professional results without having to leave your lounge room!

Our dip powder is:

  • a way to easily create stronger, healthier nails
  • Fast drying in 1 minute with no smudging
  • Easily removed in 10 minutes
  • Easy to apply with our unique step by step application system
  • Suitable for professionals and home users
  • Does not damageĀ your nails
  • an Australian business
  • We also offer free product support and tutorials - got a question? Ask away in our free Facebook nail support group



Founded by Julie Morrow, Nail Technician of more than 25 years and lover of glitter, sees nails as a fun form of self expression.

A DIYer from way back, as a little girl Julie loved to experiment with nails and nail art, eventually quitting her bank job to start her own business as a nail tech.

She never looked back, and when her daughter was born back in 2005 she startedĀ her first onlineĀ business.

Fast forward to 2017, Julie opened her own salon in Melbourne's East, combining salon services with her growing range of nail products.Ā Our unique dip powder range was formulated as an easy to use, fast drying system that doesn'tĀ damage your nails.

Our dip powder system has become a popular choice for both professional nail techs and home users.